by Sara Farrington
Directed by Evan Sez



Written by Sara Farrington, Directed by Evan Zes


Is a solo piece based on experiences from several Honduran immigrant mothers in the New York/New Jersey area, all of whom connected with Sara & Immigrant Families Together. Each asylum-seeker in this story crossed the border in the summer of 2018. All names are changed, characters are dramatized and highly interpreted versions of people and scenarios, but nothing has been exaggerated. For more on


IFT: www.immigrantfamiliestogether.com

Playwrights note from Sara Farrington:

The stories detailed in my piece, Honduras are composites and dramatizations of real accounts that I heard about during my time volunteering with Immigrant Families Together. The names are changed, story lines condensed and details only inspired by actual events, but nothing has been exaggerated.


PRIL 5-9 at 7pm and APRIL 9th and 10th at 2pm
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